How to Book a Show

Book Your Own Show

Why should you have a Show?

If you are an experienced Artist or a new Artist you should consider having a show with us. We offer 2 professional Galleries for local Artists to showcase their work.  As an Artist it is important to have shows in a professional atmosphere so your works can be viewed and considered on a serious level. The hard work that goes into creating and executing a show as well as the feedback you get from your show are important steps in your evolution and development as an artist.

Here at Fleet we  have many people coming in to check out our new shows and permanent collection.  We also have many people coming in for our Custom Framing Service who take the time to look at what’s in the Galleries. This doubles the exposure your works will receive here at Fleet Galleries. We also participate in First Fridays which brings many people into the Galleries.

How to book your own show

If you are an artist and would like to have a show in one of our galleries here is some information to get you started.

The first step is to come down to the Fleet Galleries and meet with one of the owners. It would be best to call ahead of time to make sure one of them is in the building that day. When you meet with them it is important to bring a few pieces of your work and a clear idea of what your show would be like. ex How many pieces, size, content, prices etc.

If it is agreed that we will show your work the next step is to decide which gallery it will go in.

We have 2 Galleries here at Fleet.

-We have the Main Gallery in the front which is approximately 32 ft. x 26ft. . With the Main Gallery there is space to display a couple of pieces in the storefront window as well.

-Then we have the Hallway Gallery which consists of 1 wall approximately 36ft and the other wall is approximately 20ft.

The wait list to show in these galleries varies slightly. It is roughly a 1 and 1/2 year wait.

About 6 months before your show you need to provide us with a title for your show, a couple pictures of your work, a brief write up about yourself and the show as well as a date for the opening reception. This allows us to put it on our website and advertise for your show. We have an email list that we send out to inform our frequent visitors of the Galleries of upcoming shows but, it is also your responsibility to advertise and invite guests to your opening reception and show.

Closer to 1-2 months before the show you should supply us with a poster advertising your show and Opening Reception so we can put it in our window and on our sign. Again this allows us to advertise for your show. Some promotional cards are a good idea as well to have on the counter.

Usually 1 to 2 days prior to your show you need to come set up your pieces. It is up to you to hang and display your work during our hours of operation. However we have lots of experience curating shows and can offer you some advice and help.

When it is time for your opening reception a lot of it is up to you. If you would like food, wine or any refreshments you have to provide them. That includes cups, plates, napkins etc. Someone from the gallery will be here with you to help you with sales and in general throughout the evening.

Finally to discuss fees. There are a couple of options and it is up to the Artist and the Gallery to come to the final decision. We can either take a commission from the work that is sold or we can rent the Gallery spaces with a smaller commission. We rent in 1 week or 2 week intervals. To rent the Main Gallery for 1 week it is $250 and for 2 weeks it is $400. To rent the Hallway Gallery for 1 week it is $150 and for 2 weeks it is $250. If you are renting a Gallery the commission is 20%. If you are not renting we take 40% commission of what is sold. However if you have framed your show with us we will do 30% commission.

Why should you rent or do 40% commission?

There are a few things to consider here.

– How many pieces do you expect to sell?

-If we are going to take the 40% commission you as the artist should take that into consideration when pricing your work.

-If you are going to rent a Gallery you would not have to inflate your prices as much.

After your Show

Once your show is over you are expected to come and pick up your work as soon as possible and we can figure out any sales at that point too.