Custom Framing

The right frame can transform your art into a more powerful experience for your audience, but the wrong frame can ruin even the finest piece.  So how do you know if you are choosing the right frame?  Well, like your artwork itself, selecting a frame is more “art” than “science.”  There are no hard and fast rules for finding what’s going to look good.  The most reliable way to choose the right frame is to choose the right framer.

A professional framer knows from experience and instinct, which frames will work best with your particular piece.  Like an artist, a good framer has a good eye, understands the elements of contrast, composition, and colour.  We can help you sort through various design combinations to choose a beautiful frame that works with your art, its environment, and your budget.

At Fleet Galleries, we have over 1,000 INNOVATIVE FRAME DESIGNS TO CHOOSE FROM, so you can be sure your art is shown with style!  If you are looking for creative alternatives to traditional frames, be sure to ask about our new arrivals.  We bring in new samples weekly.

Metal Frames

If you’re framing larger-scale pieces—abstracts, photographs, or posters—most often the frames that will best enhance your artwork will be metal.  Metal frames tend to be sleek, simple and modern—a good compliment to modern art and most photography.  The minimalist look of metal can help “finish” the piece, without taking away from the artwork itself.  Because metal can have a “cold” appearance, it’s important to consult with your framer regarding the different colours and finishes so that your choice of metal frame compliments the artwork.

We keep a diverse inventory of metal frames on hand, along with a selection of hard-to-find styles not available anywhere else in Winnipeg.  Bring in your piece and TRY OUR SAMPLE FRAMES to get an idea of what will work best for you, and your art.

Wood Frames

If you are hanging watercolours, oils or reproductions, and depending on the size and style of your artwork, wood frames can be a good place to start the frame selection process.  Wood frames come in a wide variety of sizes, patterns and colours, with almost unlimited choices of finish.  For added impact, consider a moulded wood frame.  Ask your framer about this unique style.  For oil paintings, we recommend using a special mat, called a “liner,” to compliment the frame.  Choosing a small liner means you can use a wider frame, and using a wider liner will enable you to use a narrow profile frame.  For a more dramatic look for abstract oils, try a deep profile metal frame.  We have many examples of framed artwork in the Gallery—come and visit us, and see for yourself!

Our collection of wood frames is made up of distinctive designs and styles from the world’s best frame suppliers.  From New York, Rome, and Paris, we are continually adding to our inventory with the most sought after frame designs, so you can select from the best.  Let us help you make your choice—bring in your art, or call us for an on-site consultation to make sure your frame complements your piece and enhances your collection.


The mat is the material that surrounds your artwork, and provides a “border” between the artwork and the frame.  Its main purpose is to protect your artwork from contacting the glass and the frame, but it also serves as a creative design element to add impact to your piece.  Creative matting can add additional impact to your piece, by providing focus on the work itself.  A wider mat creates an illusion of perspective, adding drama.  A wider mat also reduces the “competition” between you art and its frame, allowing you added framing options.

Whether it’s your living room, boardroom, or gallery, at Fleet Galleries, we can make your art work!