Roger V. Sutherland


Roger V. Sutherland

I was born in the French speaking city of St. Boniface in 1951. My mother is a French first generation and my father is a Metis fourth generation.

My education started at Masion Chapel run by catholic nuns. Then I went to Marion & Provencher schools and then to Louis Reil Collegiate. I left school after grade 10 and then in my twenties I attended Red River College and the University of Winnipeg. I studied at these schools as a mature student, taking special interest courses.

At the age of 14, my brother and I started learning our fathers trade as a shingler, during our summer vacations. Eventually, my brother Ernest and I became self-employed roofing subcontractors.

In 1975 I started training as a taxidermist with Canada’s largest Taxidermy company in Winnipeg. I was employed there for 5 years, until I started my own Taxidermy company in 1981. In 1989 I left the taxidermy industry and started painting wildlife and prairie landscapes. I experimented with painting on plywood, masonite, paper and canvas using various methods of painting. Over time my painting style evolved into abstract painting that allows me to enjoy yhe freedom to express concepts and emotion.

During the 1980s I met several prairie artists that influenced and encouraged me. These artists are: Roger Lafreniere, Hubert Theroux, Guy St. Godard, Peter Dumans and Geno Mazze.

Currently I am a self-employed carpenter renovator and abstract artist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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