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Ashleigh Dawn Wiebe was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1979. She works predominantly in painted mediums. Ashleigh graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba in 2007 and received the Gold Medal Award for Highest Standing in her graduating class. Followed after with a degree in Bachelor of Education at the U of M in 2009, she went straight into teaching as a Fine Arts Teacher in the middle year’s education stream.

Ashleigh Dawn currently works with acrylic paints, oil paints and encaustic mediums when creating her art. Her paintings range from abstraction, landscape and surrealism. She has had private showings of her art and is a member of Cre8ery Gallery, showing her pieces in the Auxiliary Gallery. She has had art show’s at Cre8ery Gallery, Birchwood Gallery, The Edge Gallery, Nott Autocoup’s Luxury Gallery, at RAW events and sells some of her encaustic pieces at Tara Davis Boutique in the Exchange District. She also creates art for clients who are interested in commissioned pieces.

Cognitive Dissonance of Reality: Solo Art Show by Ashleigh Dawn

I have always been drawn to the freedom of expressing my art through abstraction as a spiritual journey and a way to express my inner emotions and ideas through colour and shapes. In my paintings, as most abstract art, elements are included not as visual reproductions of objects, but as references or clues to how we conceptualize objects. In my pieces, I play with the idea of nature and emotion as key concepts within my art.

I believe abstract art dares our visual system to interpret an image that is essentially different from the kind of images our brain has evolved to reconstruct, therefore creating a powerful dissonance of reality vs. imagination vs. basic fragmentation of line, shape and colour. We are always trying to make sense unconsciously of the different phenomena around us and after processing and having a ‘transitioning of thought’, pulling my mind away from reality, perspective, and general depiction, I can flow into a peaceful art experience that dismantles what our brain wants us to see and instead I feel and create intuitively. This naturally and seamlessly means that most of my work subconsciously shares my own personal experiences and knowledge.

Overall this perceptual shift (cognitive dissonance) and variation allows me to express myself freely and uninhibited. The elements of art used in my work are in constant equilibrium as I move around the canvas thinking about compositional balance and the visual weight of each element added. There is a focus on movement and emphasis with colour while still trying to create a piece that in essence is like a living and breathing organism that is coming to life at every paint stroke. You may find that in some areas you see crustacean like shells or spirals, or small stylized areas of microscopic patterns as inspirational areas. There are pieces of nature that float into my subconscious while working and help integrate into my piece and form a theme. As I paint each of my pieces, I am entranced in my process, connecting to my piece in a transcendent way.

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