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The Artist is ever changing, evolving, finding a path in the underbrush. looking to the sky for inspiration. As a professional artist my prices reflect my growth and honor my beginnings.

As I conquer my fears, my feet will lead me forward. Winnipeg has offered me it’s beautiful light to chase away my blindness in my eyes and the open sky to breath in the ease of self.

Come walk with me as i lead you on my journey, into my transition and get lost in to the deepwoods.


Show Runs from November. 21st to December 8th.

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Mohan Tenuwara Thu, 17 Sep 2015 20:10:44 +0000 Mohans website123 Middle gate_2015 acrylic on canvas_48x36 in

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Shouresh Jalili Wed, 22 Jul 2015 19:38:21 +0000 IMG_2751

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How to Book a Show Wed, 18 Mar 2015 19:30:04 +0000 Book Your Own Show

Why should you have a Show?

If you are an experienced Artist or a new Artist you should consider having a show with us. We offer 2 professional Galleries for local Artists to showcase their work.  As an Artist it is important to have shows in a professional atmosphere so your works can be viewed and considered on a serious level. The hard work that goes into creating and executing a show as well as the feedback you get from your show are important steps in your evolution and development as an artist.

Here at Fleet we  have many people coming in to check out our new shows and permanent collection.  We also have many people coming in for our Custom Framing Service who take the time to look at what’s in the Galleries. This doubles the exposure your works will receive here at Fleet Galleries. We also participate in First Fridays which brings many people into the Galleries.

How to book your own show

If you are an artist and would like to have a show in one of our galleries here is some information to get you started.

The first step is to come down to the Fleet Galleries and meet with one of the owners. It would be best to call ahead of time to make sure one of them is in the building that day. When you meet with them it is important to bring a few pieces of your work and a clear idea of what your show would be like. ex How many pieces, size, content, prices etc.

If it is agreed that we will show your work the next step is to decide which gallery it will go in.

We have 2 Galleries here at Fleet.

-We have the Main Gallery in the front which is approximately 32 ft. x 26ft. . With the Main Gallery there is space to display a couple of pieces in the storefront window as well.

-Then we have the Hallway Gallery which consists of 1 wall approximately 36ft and the other wall is approximately 20ft.

The wait list to show in these galleries varies slightly. It is roughly a 1 and 1/2 year wait.

About 6 months before your show you need to provide us with a title for your show, a couple pictures of your work, a brief write up about yourself and the show as well as a date for the opening reception. This allows us to put it on our website and advertise for your show. We have an email list that we send out to inform our frequent visitors of the Galleries of upcoming shows but, it is also your responsibility to advertise and invite guests to your opening reception and show.

Closer to 1-2 months before the show you should supply us with a poster advertising your show and Opening Reception so we can put it in our window and on our sign. Again this allows us to advertise for your show. Some promotional cards are a good idea as well to have on the counter.

Usually 1 to 2 days prior to your show you need to come set up your pieces. It is up to you to hang and display your work during our hours of operation. However we have lots of experience curating shows and can offer you some advice and help.

When it is time for your opening reception a lot of it is up to you. If you would like food, wine or any refreshments you have to provide them. That includes cups, plates, napkins etc. Someone from the gallery will be here with you to help you with sales and in general throughout the evening.

Finally to discuss fees. There are a couple of options and it is up to the Artist and the Gallery to come to the final decision. We can either take a commission from the work that is sold or we can rent the Gallery spaces with a smaller commission. We rent in 1 week or 2 week intervals. To rent the Main Gallery for 1 week it is $250 and for 2 weeks it is $400. To rent the Hallway Gallery for 1 week it is $150 and for 2 weeks it is $250. If you are renting a Gallery the commission is 20%. If you are not renting we take 40% commission of what is sold. However if you have framed your show with us we will do 30% commission.

Why should you rent or do 40% commission?

There are a few things to consider here.

– How many pieces do you expect to sell?

-If we are going to take the 40% commission you as the artist should take that into consideration when pricing your work.

-If you are going to rent a Gallery you would not have to inflate your prices as much.

After your Show

Once your show is over you are expected to come and pick up your work as soon as possible and we can figure out any sales at that point too.

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Ed Becenko Wed, 18 Mar 2015 16:51:51 +0000





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Roger V. Sutherland Wed, 18 Mar 2015 16:12:00 +0000


Roger V. Sutherland

I was born in the French speaking city of St. Boniface in 1951. My mother is a French first generation and my father is a Metis fourth generation.

My education started at Masion Chapel run by catholic nuns. Then I went to Marion & Provencher schools and then to Louis Reil Collegiate. I left school after grade 10 and then in my twenties I attended Red River College and the University of Winnipeg. I studied at these schools as a mature student, taking special interest courses.

At the age of 14, my brother and I started learning our fathers trade as a shingler, during our summer vacations. Eventually, my brother Ernest and I became self-employed roofing subcontractors.

In 1975 I started training as a taxidermist with Canada’s largest Taxidermy company in Winnipeg. I was employed there for 5 years, until I started my own Taxidermy company in 1981. In 1989 I left the taxidermy industry and started painting wildlife and prairie landscapes. I experimented with painting on plywood, masonite, paper and canvas using various methods of painting. Over time my painting style evolved into abstract painting that allows me to enjoy yhe freedom to express concepts and emotion.

During the 1980s I met several prairie artists that influenced and encouraged me. These artists are: Roger Lafreniere, Hubert Theroux, Guy St. Godard, Peter Dumans and Geno Mazze.

Currently I am a self-employed carpenter renovator and abstract artist living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Mary Anne Rudy Wed, 18 Mar 2015 16:06:38 +0000  




Mary Anne Rudy

Off the Grid I









Mary Anne Rudy was born in Rivers, Manitoba. She attended University of Manitoba and received her Bachelor of Interior Design. She has studied City Planning at the University of Manitoba and has a Masters Degree in Facility Management.


She studied painting, drawing and graphic presentation as part of her degree in interior design. She has also taken water colour painting, acrylic painting and pastel drawing courses at the Winnipeg Art Gallery with many other accomplished artists in Manitoba. She has studied printmaking at Red Deer Community College in Alberta during the summer for five years. As well, she has taken courses at Martha Street Printmaking Studio with many well-known printmakers from Manitoba.


Mary Anne has a particular interest in painting flowers, landscapes and abstracts. Currently her interest is focused on the creation of mixed media monotype prints and acrylic abstract paintings.


Her work is currently represented in several galleries in Winnipeg, and held in both public and private collections nationally and internationally. Her work was selected as part of the collection for the Millennium Library in Winnipeg in 2004 after the Library underwent an extensive renovation and addition. Several large corporations have purchased her monotype prints as part of their corporate collections. Four pieces of her work has been selected by the Canadiana Fund as part of their permanent collection for Canada’s official residences to be displayed in Rideau Hall in Ottawa and Citadel in Quebec City. She has had several one person art shows as well as group art shows at Fleet Galleries, Cre-8ery, and Birchwood Art Gallery in Winnipeg.


Mary Anne works out of her home studio in Winnipeg, MB and invites anyone interested in viewing her studio and artwork or interested in learning more about monotype printmaking to visit her studio by appointment.


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Joshua Kerschtien Tue, 17 Mar 2015 19:55:19 +0000

Artist Statement

Focusing on individuals within a crowd setting has been the motivation
of my recent works.  The landscape that develops is a juxtaposition of
elements encompassing varying ideologies fueled by passion. I employ a
traditional painting method utilizing classical mineral pigments,
exploring their numerous textural effects.

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Pamela Desmet Franklin Tue, 17 Mar 2015 19:49:19 +0000

Biography: Pamela Desmet Franklin, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Although photography has been one of Pamela’s life passions, she has just begun showing her work. From January 10th to 18th,, 2014, her photography was shown in the group show, “Random 18 x 18,” at the Cre8ery Gallery and her work was also represented in the “Random 18 x 18 II Exhibit,” in 2015. Her solo show, “The Art and Photography of Pamela Desmet Franklin,” included not only photography but collage, intaglio prints, glasswork, encaustic and acrylic and watercolor paintings from October 15th to November 16, 2013, at Savoir Faire Home Garden Gifts. Her photos/intaglio prints were part of group exhibits with the Martha Street Studio, Manitoba Print Makers Association member show, “Renewal” from Dec. 13th to 21st, 2013, and also in the “Renewal Exhibit” of 2014, as well as in the “December Group Show” at the Fleet Gallery from Dec. 12th, 2013 to Jan. 6th, 2014.

Collage, print-making and painting in watercolor and acrylic is a more recent passion for Pamela. She paints with intensity using colour as a vehicle for both emotion and significance. In November of 2014, Pamela, along with Jan Shotton from the Tapestry in Glass Studio mounted the art exhibition, “Defining Moments,” from November 27 to December 9 at cre8ery with ten other Manitoba artists. Her work in this exhibit included: silkscreen print, silk painting, photography, acrylic painting, image transfer and collage. Her most recent work can be seen in the show, “Into the Blue,” at the cre8ery gallery from March 25 to April 7, 2015.

Her participation in the group show “InspiRED” at the Cre8ery Gallery in March 2013, included watercolor as well as photography. Also at the Cre8ery Gallery in January, 2013, she took part in the group exhibit “58 Inches from the Centre,” which included collage and photography. Her exhibit of collage and image transfer hung in the Cre8ery’s Auxiliary Gallery from February 19 to April 1, 2013 and in February, 2014, her submission to the Auxiliary Gallery included mixed media paintings with silkscreen and intaglio prints. Several of her watercolors were exhibited at the Cre8ery Gallery’s group show,”99 Pieces of Art on the Wall” in August, 2011. Besides being a member of the Cre8ery Gallery, Pamela also belongs to the Manitoba Print Makers Association, Martha Street Studio. A sample of Pamela’s paintings and photographs are on display and for sale at Savoir Faire Home Garden Gifts in Winnipeg as well as some alternative gallery spaces at El Spa and Gordie’s Coffeehouse.



Group Exhibitions:


2015   Into the Blue, cre8ery gallery, Winnipeg, MB

Random 18 x 18 II, cre8ery gallery, Winnipeg, MB

2014   Renewal II, Manitoba Printmakers’ Association, Martha Street Studio

Defining Moments, cre8ery gallery, Winnipeg, MB

Random 18 x 18, cre8ery gallery, Winnipeg, MB

2013   December Group Show, Fleet Gallery, Winnipeg, MB

Renewal, Manitoba Printmakers’ Association, Martha Street Studio

InspiRed, cre8ery gallery, Winnipeg, MB

58 Inches from the Centre, cre8ery gallery, Winnipeg, MB

2011   99 Pieces of Art on the Wall, cre8ery gallery, Winnipeg, MB


cre8ery auxiliary gallery


2014   5 Silkscreen and Intaglio Prints

2013   5 Pure Lights Collage and Image Transfer

2012   Photography


Solo Exhibit:


2013   The Art and Photography of Pamela Desmet Franklin, Savoir Faire Home Garden Gifts

Winnipeg, MB


Website Publications:


2013   Linda Walker, “Artist Reveals Exquisite Eye and Profound Ideas,” Community News Commons, February 16, 2013.


Gallery/Association Memberships:



2012   Manitoba Print Makers Association, Martha Street Studio

2011   cre8ery gallery


Alternative Gallery Spaces:


El Spa                        Gordie’s Coffeehouse                    Savoir Faire Gift Shop


Travel: Europe, Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Central America, Cuba, Barbados, Dominican Republic, U.S.A. & Canada



1992        Completed Year 1 of the Certificate Program for Intercultural Trainers

Red River College, Winnipeg, MB,

1988        Certificate of Adult Education

Red River College, Winnipeg, MB,

1980        Bachelor of Education, Major: English (Honors), Minor: Theatre

University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB,

Other Accreditations:

2005        TESL Canada Federation Certificate Level 3

1998        Accredited Canadian Language Benchmarks Language Assessor

International ESL Teaching Experience

2004        Shenyang Institute of Engineering, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, PR China

1992        Shenyang Electric Power Institute, Shenyang, Liaoning Province, PR China

Professional Teaching Experience:


1982–Present           Full-time Faculty, Red River College, Winnipeg, MB

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Mar Desmet Tue, 17 Mar 2015 19:15:51 +0000


Mar Desmet has always been involved in art and her keen interest and unique style have carried her to the forefront of her field. Characteristically drawing and painting with pen, ink and stick, Mar’s unique style is featured in the homes and offices of many happy art appreciators. Although Mar mostly shows her work at her Art Studio at Victoria Beach, MB, she also has work exhibited locally at Country Concepts in Powerview/Pine Falls, MB, at the Birchwood Motor Hotel in Traverse Bay, MB, and at the Municipal Offices for the R.M. of Alexander, MB. She has also had several of her works of art on consignment at the Tombstone Art Gallery in Tombstone, Arizona.

As an art educator for the Winnipeg School Division #1, Mar was instrumental in introducing school division youth to art appreciation at the Winnipeg Art Gallery during her teaching years where she taught children from Kindergarten to grade 12.   Mar taught art for ten years after she graduated from the University of Manitoba, Wpg, MB, with both a Bachelor of Education and a Fine Arts Honors Degree. While she was a student at the U of M, Mar had regular art exhibits, at the Faculty of Art Gallery as well as the Faculty of Education Art Gallery. She has also had successful exhibitions at various art galleries in Winnipeg. Mar still enjoys her membership to the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Mar was instrumental in the development and continuation of the Sun Country Arts & Crafts Group acting as vice, president and past president over the past 35 years. Sun Country Arts & Crafts has several shows throughout the summer season in communities along the south eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg.

Mar has travelled to many distant places including Mexico, USA., France, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Barbados, and Hawaii always with pen and pencil in hand. Much of Mar’s work and style depicts her travels and moments that she has captivated on canvas.

Mar is married and has three adult children and six grandchildren, some of whom have taken up her love of drawing and painting. Mar and her daughter, Pamela Desmet Franklin, will be exhibiting their love of art together with the exhibit, “Reflections and Imaginings” at the Fleet Gallery, 65 Albert Street on June 2, 2015. The opening reception will be held on Friday, June 5, 2015, 7:00 – 10 pm which is also a First Friday in the Exchange District in Winnipeg. She hopes to see you there.


Mar Desmet C.V.

Exhibitions and Professional Affiliation:


2012-14     Past President Sun Country Arts & Crafts

1995-12     President of Sun Country Arts & Crafts

1980-95     Vice-President Sun Country Arts & Crafts

1985          Selkirk Art Gallery

1975-80     Yearly Exhibitions in University Of Manitoba, Faculty of Art Gallery & Faculty of Education Gallery, as well as at various art galleries, Wpg



Gallery/ Alternative Gallery Venues:


  • Mar’s Art Studio at Victoria Beach, MB
  • Tombstone Art Gallery in Tombstone, Arizona
  • Country Concepts in Powerview/Pine Falls, MB
  • The Birchwood Hotel in Traverse Bay, MB
  • The Municipal Offices for the R.M. of Alexander, MB




1980-81     Bachelor of Education Degree, University of MB, Wpg, MB

1975-80     Fine Arts Honors Degree, University of MB, Wpg, MB

1953           High School Norwood Collegiate, Wpg. MB

1970-76     Winnipeg Art Gallery classes

1952          Comptometer Operator Program Business College, Wpg< MB


Work Experience:

1981-90     Art teacher for the Winnipeg School Division, grades kindergarten to grade 12

1975-80     Swimming Instructor City of Winnipeg Pools

1970-75     Swimming Instructor and Life Guard Victoria Beach

1970-72     Volunteer Swimming Instructor for Norwood School Division




Canada, Mexico, U.S.A., France, England, Scotland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Barbados, and Hawaii

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